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    Mail merge (Word 2002)

    My company's software integrates with Word via mail merge. This all worked fine in previous versions of Word but now in 2002 the blank lines resulting from emtply merge fields in the data source are not removed i.e. in an address block you get blank lines where an address line is blank. I can run the same document with the same merge fields in Word 97 or 2000 and it all works fine with no blank lines left in.

    I have not been able to find a setting where I can ensure it skips blank lines. I have merged from Outlook contacts and a data source created in Word and it all works fine as I would expect and blank lines are removed. But from a SQL database and third party software it will not remove the blank lines.

    Can anyone help please? Am I missing something obvious or is this a known problem. There is no info in the Microsoft knowlwdge base relating to this, that I can see.

    Thanks, JOTO <img src=/S/hairout.gif border=0 alt=hairout width=31 height=23>

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    Re: Mail merge (Word 2002)

    I just managed to do a merge with Access and eliminate blank lines OK, but I can't effectively test with SQL Server at the moment. Have you installed SP1 - that fixed a number of problems that are documented, and presumably many that were undocumented. On the other hand, Word 2002 merges against databases are problematic to say the least. I continually have problems with data sources when trying to use OLE DB sources. You can force it to use DDE and that often solves problems. One other possibility is the version of the MDAC that you are using - if it is 2.7, there are a number of known problems and some fixes released for them. Sorry to not be more encouraging.

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