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    Counting cells (Office 2000/SR-1a)

    It's hard for me to admit ... but I'm stuck, any help is appreciated. I have a table setup in which I need to COUNT the items in Column A based on criteria in Column D. Any thoughts?


    A B C D
    500 400 600 Z
    - 340 299 Z
    340 - - Y
    450 670 - Z
    - 280 - Y

    In this table, I would want to see the COUNT of Column A with the criteria of Column D="Z", which in this example would be 2. A normal COUNT would return a result of 3, however, I only want to count Column A based on Column D="Z"

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    Re: Counting cells (Office 2000/SR-1a)

    Tom, there are three Z's in Column D; do you mean you only want to count those with a value greater than zero in column A, or do you mean something else? (I'm assuming the dashes in your table are zero values.)


    will return 3


    array-entered using Ctrl-Shift-Enter will return 2
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