I'm getting an intermittent problem with an application I'm designing.

Every now & then, the app will crash and bring down the IDE. It's not like a GPF, I don't get the option to debug in C++ like normal exception GPFs cause. Everything simply disappears!

I've narrowed it down to a search form in my application, it is used to access many different sections of the system. The search form stays loaded but is hidden while the section the user wishes to see is displayed. When they are finished and close the form, the system returns them to the search form. It seems to be here that the 'GPF' occurs.

There's no obvious code in the 'Form_Activate' event of the search form that could be causing this - I'm also confused as to why it doesn't cause a GPF that breaks into assembly language. Anyone encountered similar problems or have any idea what could cause this?

Many Thanks