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    Section break on an odd page won't allow duplex (Word 2000)

    I've seen similar posts but not one exactly like this.

    We have a printer with a duplexing unit (HP LaserJet 5Si/MX PS). I have a two page document with the first page portrait and the second page as landscape. I have confirmed there are no extra pages in the document, but it still won't print the two pages on one piece of paper.

    I added junk text to increase each section to two pages (total of 4 pages). It duplexed fine. It seems that it won't duplex over a section break when the page orientation changes and the break occurs on an odd page.

    Any thoughts on whether this is a limitation to the printer driver, Word 2000, or both?

    Any workarounds?


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    Re: Section break on an odd page won't allow duplex (Word 2000)

    I just printed a 2 page document - first page portrait, second page landscape - from Word 2000, duplexed to my HP Deskjet 990 Cxi with no problem.

    I regularly do the same thing at work, where we have an HP 4500DN, but this is usually via Acrobat rather than direct from Word.


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