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    Windows Installer Attempts To Install Unexpectedly

    I bought a Hewlett-Packard Pavillion 540n computer for my wife. This came with Windows XP Home Edition, and also had a fair amount of preinstalled software in it including what looked like a trial version of WordPerfect Office. I immediately upgraded to Windows XP Pro. Then a curious problem began which is a real hassle. The Windows Installer will suddenly come up and insist it needs to install a product which was already installed on that machine, but under XP Home Edition. This happened with maddening frequency with the WordPerfect Trial Version. It was "installed" but the Windows Installer would open a window unexpectedly and attempt to install it. The Installer window would often refuse to go away despite numerous attempts to cancel the operation. I responded to this by uninstalling the WordPerfect Trial version. (Thinking back to this, I wonder why I didn't uninstall the Windows Installer instead. If it misbehaves, get rid of the thing! But I didn't do that at the time.)

    Subsequent to this, we installed Office 2000 Academic on that computer. (And yes we got a confirmation code for it too, although it required a phone call to Microsoft because we were reinstalling it on a new computer and couldn't recycle the old confirmation code.) Now every time my wife presses the F1 key for help in an Office product -- she cites Word -- the Windows Installer comes up! It wants to install Office 2000, you see.

    Will uninstalling the Windows Installer and reinstalling it from scratch fix this problem? It is driving my wife nuts.

    Thanks very much

    Bob Cochran
    Greenbelt, Maryland, USA

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    Re: Windows Installer Attempts To Install Unexpectedly

    To upgrade from a OEM restore type if installation I would reformat the hard drive and then install the Pro version. NOTE: that some of the drivers needed may not be on the MS CD. Check the HP web site for XP drivers. Some OEMs will post their drivers for people like you. I would then install ONLY the software you want, and I would NOT install any of the HP programs because they may need the OEM version of Windows to be installed.

    AS for the installer needs to be run for every account when that account is logged in to set up the different folders that are listed under Documents and settings folder for each account. This should happen when a MS Office program is started to finish setting up the forlders for that account and MS Office. A lot of other programs will need to do this to share the insallation of the program and the storing of file in the user's account folder.

    If you remove the "Windows installer" you will not be able to install any additional software, because it is used by MOST new programs. I am NOT sure if you can even do this.

    Now running HP Pavilion a6528p, with Win7 64 Bit OS.

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