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    icons on toolbar (Excel 2000)

    Can I use my own icons for items on the tool bar? I know about Face IDs as I've used them for menus I've added to the tool bar but wasn't sure if that was the only set I could use or not. I've never read anything that said I could use my own but I'm inclined to say that I am restricted to those listed as Face IDs.

    I want to remove all the Excel toolbars and replace them with a set of 6 icons when my program (workbook) is active.

    Thnx, Deb <img src=/S/wink.gif border=0 alt=wink width=15 height=15>

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    Re: icons on toolbar (Excel 2000)

    The image (icon) on a toolbar button can be anything you want.

    Interactively, you have the following possibilities while customizing your toolbar:
    <UL><LI>Select an image from a predefined list: right-click the button, Change Button Image.
    <LI>Edit the image: right-click the button, Edit Button Image.
    <LI>Use the image from another button: right-click the other button, Copy Button Image, then right-click the target button, Paste Button Image.
    <LI>Use an arbitrary graphic: copy an image to the clipboard in any application (preferably 16 by 16 pixels); right-click the target button, Paste Button Image.[/list]In VBA, the CommandBarButton object has CopyFace and PasteFace methods. So you can copy the image of one button and paste it on another button, or you can copy a graphic from another application to the clipboard and paste it on a button.

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