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    IP-addresses in Excel (2000)

    IN Excel 2000 I administerd some IP-address-ranges. The addresses (for those not familiar) are all 12 digits, 4 * 3 with a dot between (for instance or

    Now I need to split these addresses from 1 cel to 4 cells, along the dotted annotation.

    So within 1 cel: should become 4 cell's all containing one part (1st cell: 123; 2nd cell: 123 etc)

    But this should also work when the IP-address is not 12 digits but only 9 (address: or 6 ( or 4 (

    Anybody know how Excel can split these IP-addresses for me into four cells, or have a macro that searches on the dots and then copies and pastes the info into the next four cells?

    best regards, Wilco

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    Re: IP-addresses in Excel (2000)

    Assuming you have put the IP addresses in one column:

    Select the IP addresses.
    From the menu, select Data/Text to columns.
    The Wizard appears.
    In the first step, make sure Delimited is selected.
    Click Next.
    In the second step, check the Other box and enter a dot in the text box next to it.
    Click Finish.

    Note: if you live in a region where the period (dot) is the thousands separator, an entry like will be interpreted as a number by Excel, unless you formatted the column as text (before entering the IP address), or prefixed the entry by an apostrophe. The Text to Columns wizard ignores numbers.

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