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    Importing HTML data (2000 SR-1)

    I am trying to import data from a search done on a web page through Access. I have seen it done in excel with a macro. What needs to happen is this: On ebay we want to be able to do a search and return all of the search in an Access table. Does anyone know if this is possible? If they could enter their criteria through Access and have the results show.

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    Re: Importing HTML data (2000 SR-1)

    There may be much more elegant approaches than this, but what I've done is have the browser and Access open at the same time. I highlight the contents of the web page of interest (e.g., drag the mouse to highlight the area of interest) and then paste it into a Memo field on a form (e.g., by dragging the highlighted portion of the web page over to the Memo field). At this point the "raw" HTML code is in Access. I then use VBA to "parse" out the information of interest. This is a little (maybe a lot) tricky. You have to figure out where in the memo field you're data of interest is and how to reproducibly find it. Once extracted, you can plop it into a table/bound form field and move on to the next one. I hope you get the idea. It's a pain to set up, but it works nicely thereafter (as long as eBay doesn't change the layout of their pages -- as they do from time to time!).

    I have, in fact, done this for eBay - I capture various pieces of information on closed auctions of interest (e.g., Auction #, title, selling price, # bids, seller name, buyer name, date auction closed, etc.).

    If there's an easier way to capture web data (that is predictably formatted), I'd sure like to know about it, too.

    Hope this helps.

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