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    open form in another database (Access 2000)

    Is it feasible to open form in another database? While i am in the database db1, i must click a control and open another database db2 and in this database find the form Customers and open it. I doubt whether this is possible at all, bet let me ask ,maybe,someebody may have the solution,and if any
    can you help me the expressions?

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    Re: open form in another database (Access 2000)

    You can do this by opening another instance of Access. Just add a command button to your form, and when the wizard pops up, select the Application category, then Run Application. You will be asked for the command line you want to put in the button. The syntax would be something like this (I'm using ... to indicate the path, which of course you need to customize for your situation):

    "C:...msaccess.exe" "c:...db2.mdb" /cmd Customers

    You then need to have a startup form that will check the Command property, then open the form it returns.
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