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    active screen off (Access 2000)

    How can i make invisible the objects of a database, as tables, forms,etc during the progress of a function? I have a code that opens and closes forms,et, and during that process i want to have a blank off,to see nothing on the screen.Can i write a command ActiveScreen = false,and shall i write DOCmd before that? Is there a better way to do that job under question, i.e. to hide all the objects during the process?

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    Re: active screen off (Access 2000)

    You can't do exactly what you described, but you can do something similar. The first step is to open a blank form which is maximized. Then you turn off the screen echo, run your code that does whatever, put the screen into the state you want (database window only, form, or report), and then turn the screen echo back on. There are some serious cautions when you do that however. If you get an error in your code at any point, you will end up with a blank screen and the user doesn't know what happened. So you have to write comprehensive error handling code to deal with that situation. You may want to refer to a good text for advice on that subject. Hope this gives you some ideas.

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