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    invisible forms (Access 2000)

    How to makeall the forms invisible

    Is there a way to make all the forms invisible in a database regadless of their names and number? During the execution of my code
    all the forms are visible to the viewer and i want to make them invisible during the process and visible again after that.I have tried with
    Application.Echo False..code Application.Echo True, but the forms continue to appear. If i do not find a shorter means, i will have to
    hard code each form separately to make it invisible as Forms![Form1[.Visible = False. What i want is to make all the forms invisible
    something like that: for each form in the database, etc.
    Is it possible?

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    Re: invisible forms (Access 2000)

    You didn't say how the forms are being opened. Are they already opened and you want to make them hidden, or are you opening them during this process of yours?

    If you are opening them, you can specify acHidden as the WindowMode option in the OpenForm method (see Access Help).

    If they are already open, you can cycle thru the Forms collection and set the .visible property of each:<pre> dim frm as form

    for each frm in Forms
    frm.visible = False

    You can similarly make them all visible.
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    Re: invisible forms (Access 2000)

    This appears to be a continuation of <post#=158299>post 158299</post#>, which makes it hard for other loungers to follow the conversation. Please indicate whether my assumption is true. If so, I will merge the two into a single thread.

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    Re: invisible forms (Access 2000)

    I think you are right and my assumption that these two points are separate is wrong. By the way the answers i have received for the the invisible forms are excellent. But my question about the screen refers not only for forms but for all objects in the database.Actually, even though i have two different application the thread should be he same.please accept my inadverent mix up if the questions.
    Also i must express my gratitude and appreciation for this forum since obviously i receive a good answer for everything i ask about Access.

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