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    Fixing constant number of record per page (Access97)

    My report is based on my company standard report that require two feature :

    1)Each page of the report must restrict to only a max 30 record per page, i.e. if there is 40 records, the 1st page must show record in sequential order from 1-30 and the remaining 10 appear in second page.

    2)There is numbering assign to the record ( I've assigned a text box with property source =1 and its a running sum to act as a counter), so it will number 1-30 BUT for 2nd page the numbering must be reset back to 1 not continuously numbered as 31-40 which I am stuck in getting it done. The report require each batch of 30 record on each successive page is numbered 1-30.

    Any solution are greatly appreciated.

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    Re: Fixing constant number of record per page (Access97)

    Have a look at the attachment. The report has an event on detail print that takes care of what you want.

    Just open the report module and see if it makes sense.

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