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    Corrupted File Won't Open (2002)

    I've got a 24MB .pub file that got corrupted while trying to insert a Word doc. The PC locked up. After an hour,
    we had to reboot (didn't we???). The attached is the error message. Publisher 2002 now will not open the file.

    I've done the due diligence and scoured the help, the net, google groups, msdn and hacker sights
    (trying to find info on the Publisher file structure). I've made attempts to replace the the file header and
    trailer using a hex editor (I'm a bit rusty at this). All to no avail.

    Interestinly, the preview pane in the open dialog displays the first page of the file just fine, so I know the file is
    readable to a point.

    Is there anyone here who knows anything at all (no matter how small) about what to do or where to go to recover (at least part of ) a .pub file?

    I have read the Q article on Publisher file corruption, but none of the suggestions proved helpful.
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