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    Interface with Word (office XP)

    Our software uses Word for document production. Some clients have started using Word 2002 and now have huge problems. On the surface it appears that Word is behaving very differntly from previous versions. They have time out errors, Word will view the data source fine one minute then appear to lose connection the next. Merge fields that are valid and worked in one document, will come up as invalid later on. There is no pattern to this that I can see and no consistancy.

    Can anyone explain if Word has been changed to behave differently and intergrate differently with third party software.

    Thanks, Joto <img src=/S/help.gif border=0 alt=help width=23 height=15>

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    Re: Interface with Word (office XP)

    edited by WendellB to add updated links to MS knowledge base.

    Unfortunately, at least from your perspective, Word 2002/XP has changed the way that Mail Merges are performed. It now uses the OLE DB technology as it's default for accessing database information, rather than using DDE which had been the default. That means that among other things you can't use parameter queries (where you get a prompt to supply some criteria value for the data being selected) effectively in a merge. There are methods of forcing Word to still use DDE, but they are relatively complex. Let me suggest you take a look at a recent addition to the Microsoft web site.

    It turns out that the link I directed you to above is mostly MS marketing hype with no detail. Try looking at KB article Q294691 and the several other articles it points you to.

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