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    Can't format cells after QP conversion to Excel. (Excel 2000)

    Before I save a QuattroPro 8.0 spreadsheet as an Excel spreadsheet, I have to turn off the page protection and locked titles. Most of these spreadsheet have graphs and macros that don't get coverted - that's fine. But the problem is that once I open the converted file in Excel, I see all these formatting changes and I can't change it by right-clicking the cell(s). I also used the Format from the menu bar and scrolled to Style. When I use that option, it's more of a global change: if I change the format of numbers one way, anything with numbers will format that way - not acceptable. Can anyone help me here if I'm doing something wrong? Thanks.

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    Re: Can't format cells after QP conversion to Excel. (Excel 2000)

    This a sort of known problem in the sense that other QP conversions exhibit various formatting problems. See if <!post=this thread,155347>this thread<!/post> helps, but if not come back and perhaps post a sample of the problem.
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