Using Windows 2000 (SP2) - Office XP (SP1) - Outlook 2002 (XP)

Currently we have set mail format to be rich text and to edit and read messages using word.

While viewing an incoming message in some cases (maybe 5 to 10% of the time), all tool bar options (forward, reply, reply to all, etc.) simply did not work. Pressing on any of these options would cause absolutely nothing to happen (button does not highlight or visually respond, it's like you're clicking on a graphic or screenshot instead of the actual app). This could be worked around by you switching from the Outlook message window to another windows and go back to the outlook message the Tool bar would start working again.

As I say, this did not happen with most messages and of those messages that were affected it did not happen all the time.

If we switched the mail format not to use word to view / read messages the problem never would come back up.

This problem is occurring on multiple systems of different makes and models.

Any help would be appreciated...