Using Windows 2000 (SP2) - Office XP (SP1) - Outlook 2002 (XP)

This problem seems to occur when a user tries to bring up a print style. This happens either when they do File - Page Setup and then choose a style or when they go to print and then try to edit a print style.

The system will crash with the Blue Screen. We have seen 3 different errors on the Blue Screen so I don't know if those errors are relevant. One was the Kmode_exception using Win32k.sys. But again we've seen another with SSA???.sys.

We've uninstalled and reinstalled the XP Office suite and still have the same problem. We've tried using different printers / fax as the default and still get the same results.

Win 2000 has all the current service packs and security updates installed offered by the IE update page. We know of 2 systems with this problem, but not all systems are failing.

I didn't try any new drivers. Just the stuff that comes with Win 2000. However in the one case I didn't install any drivers at all. I just used the Fax driver that got installed with Win 2000. Didn't see any updates to that driver.
On the machine that worked I used the standard HP3SI that comes with Win 2000 and I used the same on the machine that doesn't work.
If I have too I'll burn the system down and start over, but I was hoping someone has seen this problem before and knew of a fix without destroying the whole system.

Any help is appreciated...