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    Backing up b4 uninstalling Win95>installing Win98

    I am still using Windows95 and want to update to Windows98SE. Before doing so, I wish to back up everything on my HD: IE Favourites, all my Outlook Express mail etc. I have some stock charting programs with up-to-date data I want to keep, and a lot of saved Word and Excel stuff. I guess I want to back up more or less everything except the common applications that come free off the net (RealPlayer, Adobe Acrobat etc), which I can download again fresh after Win98SE has been installed. Is there a straightforward answer to the following questions:

    1. How do I back up my HD contents prior to having Win95 uninstalled and a clean install of Win98SE done?

    2. Can a backup also include the desktop in its present form? If so, how is this done?

    I have a Zipdrive and CD burner.

    Cheers all, and thanks in advance.

    Ross Buncle

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    Re: Backing up b4 uninstalling Win95>installing Win98

    You only want to back up documents and other 'end products' from your applications. If you have been storing them in separate folders from the applications this should be straightforward. If you have much in the way of customisation in your Word and Excel app's, check through their forums for tips on moving your, personal.xls files etc.

    IE: Check File > Import and Export... You should be able to save your favourites.

    OE: see OLEXP: How to Back Up the Outlook Express Address Book and Mail Folders (Q188854) - other topics can be found by searching through the OE forum.

    If you want to preserve your current desktop, you would probably need to go the upgrade route. I would strongly advise doing a clean install and forgetting about hanging onto the past.

    A word of warning - files saved to CD then restored can have their attributes set to Read Only. This will almost certainly be a problem for your OE files. Just copy them all to a folder on your HD, select all, then right_click > properties and de-select read only.

    Good luck!

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