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    Outlook 2002 hangs (Win 2000) (2002)

    Outlook hangs on send/receive - It appears to open up OK, but the first message in the Inbox can't be accessed and doesn't show up in the preview pane. I can only get out with C-A-D and End Task. Then, when I try to re-open it, it won't open in Safe Mode either. I've done the Office XP Detect & Repair to no avail.
    I searched through threads here and came up with a couple of ideas.
    I tried deleting the outbox folder. Didn't help.
    I deleted extend.dat and renamed outcmd.dat. Didn't help
    This is a relatively new Dell system - Dimension 8200. Running Windows 2000 Pro with Office XP. Using PC-cillin for antivirus. WinFax 10.0. My outlook.pst file is good sized (200,000 KB) with lots of folders. Same messages came into my laptop over the same connection yesterday and that hasn't had any Outlook problems (It's OL 2000).
    Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated!!!!!!

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    Re: Outlook 2002 hangs (Win 2000) (2002)

    I'm delighted to report that my copy of SPECIAL EDITION USING MICROSOFT OFFICE XP by Ed Bott & Woody Leonhard paid for itself again!!!!!!!!!!!
    page 206 - Repairing a damaged personal folders file - I ran scanost.exe, it told me I had just a few minor errors in the file and didn't really need to run the repair -- but I thought, why not try it. It took just a few minutes -------- and that must have fixed it. OL2002 now opens and sends/receives just fine.
    Thanks again, guys <img src=/S/clapping.gif border=0 alt=clapping width=19 height=23> <img src=/S/cheers.gif border=0 alt=cheers width=30 height=16>

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    Re: Outlook 2002 hangs (Win 2000) (2002)

    Spoke too soon -- back to a very similar problem of Outlook hangs when it opens.
    When I open Outlook, I can view one, or possibly two, messages before it hangs -- and what seems to cause it to hang is when the Send/Receive kicks in -- that just sits down in the lower right hand corner saying "Send/Receive Status 0%"
    I've run scanpst.exe (it says there are no error in the file), I've "Detect & Repaired", I've searched the MS KB -- don't know what to do next.
    One time when I had Outlook open, the first thing I did was try to Archive the outlook.pst file and the Archiving operation hung the application. Only C-A-D and End Task would close it.
    Thanks for any suggestions.

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    Re: Outlook 2002 hangs (Win 2000) (2002)

    You may have a messed up file or one that is to large to down load on your server. If you can access your email box from the internet, you might try and see what is in your account storage space.

    If it is a pop account, there are several sites that you can log into you email accounts from if your ISP does not provide a means to do it.

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