Not downloads this time, but 'finds' nonetheless. Got your Windows 98 CD handy? Check out ToolsReskitDesktop. There are three very handy little utils lurking in there.
<font color=d2691e>
quiktray.exe</font color=d2691e>
Allows you to put useful apps direct into the System Tray, and resides there itself.<font color=d2691e>
chklnks.exe</font color=d2691e>
Run this and it will find, and give you the option to remove, any 'dead' shortcuts you probably never knew you had.<font color=d2691e>
cliptray.exe </font color=d2691e>
You can guess what this does.

Not exactly an earth-shattering trio, but there may be someone who hasn't found them yet. Use quiktray to put them (and AdAware) in the system tray.