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    Menu Builder problems (Access 97)

    Hi guys!
    has anyone had success using the menu builder add in? i used it to make a toolbar because my print button kept dissappearing... anyway now i have my custom toolbar, which works great with one of my reports. However, using the same toolbar with a different report (basically the only difference is the recordsource), all the buttons give the error "The expression you entered has a field, control, or property name that [name of the database] can't find"

    The funny thing is that if i preview the first report (the one the toolbar works for), any other reports i preview while that one is open are able to use the toolbar, but only while the first report is still open. can anybody tell me what the heck is happening here?? i cannot find anything different between the first report and the others (except names and recordsources of course).

    thanks in advance for your input

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    Re: Menu Builder problems (Access 97)

    I've had this problem in Access 97.

    Perhaps this KB article is relevant.

    It recommends setting the OnAction property of a toolbar button (or menu item) to just the function name, without = before and () after it.

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