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    automating export

    I synchronise outlook between 3 computers - work desktop, small old laptop and home desktop. I find the export process very cumbersome. Below is a typical example of what I have to do:

    Export - Export to another file - pst file - Calendar - Filter - appointments created - on or after yesterday's date - appointments modified on or after yesterday's date - do not export duplicates (so all my recurring appointments don't go) - OK - Export - Export to another file - pst file - Tasks - tasks modified on or after yesterday's date - tasks created on or after yesterday's date - OK (so that duplicates are exported and completions noted).


    Is there any way to automate this sequence?

    There is another problem, which is when I drag and drop an appointment to another day, it is not exported using the above settings.

    Importing is also laborious, although less so.

    It may be that I should not be using Outlook, as I only use it as a glorified diary (because I need multiple accounts and identities for email so use OE and WAB), but my internet access is not good enough to use a web based diary, and I have no particular desire to shell out more cash.


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    Re: automating export

    if the file sizes are not too big to copy the entire pst, just copy the pst and file > open it.

    if your internet access was better you could use web calendars for syncing - or just use web calendars [img]/w3timages/icons/smile.gif[/img]

    i don't suppose you own works4.5 or later? it's calendar is pretty decent and some good shareware calendars exist, if that's all you use OL for.

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