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    copying data from xl to access (97)

    I'm trying to copy cells from XL and paste them into access. e.g. XL cells A1 and B1 contain "1" and "2" respectively. Try to Copy & Paste these cells into my Access table and Access decides "oh let me plonk them into the same cell in the database" (the Access cell then reads 1 * 2 (where * represent a little box- whatever that is). If I'm copying 2 cells worth of data from XL surely Access should be clever enough to accept it in 2 separate cells?

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    Re: copying data from xl to access (97)

    If you had data in A1 and A2 that you want to go to separate records in Access, the Past Append in Access will achieve that. If you are trying to get data into multiple fields of the same record, or (or more commonly multiple fields for multiple records) I would import them rather than copy and paste them. (I don't know whether you need to do this, but this certainly works.)

    Choose..File...Get External Data ..Import. You can then either put in a new table or add to an existing one.

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