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    default value in a table (Access 2000)

    I have a field called "stock" in the table called " Products". At first i didnt know that i have to put the default value to 0, and therefore i have a lot of products
    with a default value not put to zero.Now after i know that,each new product has a default value of O. But for all the products before that i have to put the o manually.
    Is there any code to put the default values of the products to 0. Somethink like that: table products, field stock, defaultvalue= 0 ??

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    Re: default value in a table (Access 2000)

    You can use an update query to do this:
    <UL><LI>Create a new query, based on the Products table.
    <LI>Add the Stock field to the query grid.
    <LI>In the criteria row, under Stock, enter
    Is Null
    <LI>Select Query/Update Query.
    <LI>A new row appears in the query grid, labeled something like "Change to" (I don't know the exact wording in English).
    <LI>In this row, under Stock, enter
    <LI>Now, run this query by clicking the ! button on the tool bar or selecting Query/Run. Probably, you'll be asked to confirm changes.
    <LI>You can close the query without saving it, unless you want to keep it as an example.[/list]HTH,

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