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    Import data from html to Access 2002 (OX sr1)

    Is there a way to extract data off a form that is posted in htm to Access? Or maybe to an Excel worksheet? I want to do this without having to copy and paste.

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    Re: Import data from html to Access 2002 (OX sr1)

    The short answer is yes - but the devil is in the details. There are at least three ways to save data in an Access database that has been entered into a web page via a browser. To give more advice we need to know whether you have a controlled audience - in other words will everyone have Internet Explorer, or will people be using many different browsers? There are a couple of ways of doing Access-connected web pages that depend on using IE, and there is ASP which is pretty much browser independent. Give us a few more details on what you need to accomplish and what your constraints are, and we'll do our best to help.

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