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    email failure (XP on WinXP)

    Recently upgraded fairly new Dell Pentium 4 PC from Win98 to WinXP Home. Most stuff is working fine. Having problems with Outlook XP (preinstalled) after we got Verizon DSL. Our old ISP, a local called Ziplink, is still active for email and hosts our domain, whic for brevity I'll call Using Outlook Express we can send and receive email through our Verizon account, using When I use the identical account and email adress info in Outlook I am unable to send mail. The outlook Test Mail fails on the last step. Checking the details it appears that Verizon will not accept relayed mail. I understand that. But why does it work with OE and not Outlook? I checked MSKB for articles on SMTP and found this in Q214402:

    "Customers should contact their ISP for assistance since this problem is not caused by the e-mail client. From a messaging client standpoint, there are no solutions for customers who have ISP's that block all SMTP Relay traffic."
    I understand the Open Relay problem and why some ISPs block OR to prevent spam. What I still don't understand is why OE and Outlook behave differently. Do they use different SMTP engines?

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    Re: email failure (XP on WinXP)

    Can't explain the discrepancy. Perhaps it is that "receive before send" thing that I've read about occasionally on this board. While you are waiting for an answer,
    <UL><LI>If your SMTP server is set to a non-Verizon server, change it to Verizon's SMTP server.

    <LI>If your SMTP server already is Verizon's server, and you have the option to authenticate to the server using your Verizon login, try that.[/list]I don't have XP (OL 2002) so I don't know where that is, exactly, but here's a picture from OL 2000:
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