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    Windows Picture and Fax Viewer (any)


    PaintShop Pro is associated with .jpg file types on my brand new laptop. Indeed, if an incoming e-mail has a .jpg attachment then clicking on it will invoke PSP as expected.

    HOWEVER, Windows Explorer invokes "Windows Picture and Fax Viewer" (c:windowsSystem32shimgvw.dll) when I double click on any .jpg file in any folder. I have completely checked the FileTypes tab (under Tools | Folder Options)for .jpg files and the setup is exactly as recommended in the KB of PaintShop Pro's web site (

    The weirdness continues: this odd little "picture and fax viewer" contains an icon whose bubble-help explains: "Closes this program and opens the image for editing (Ctrl + E)" Indeed, clicking on this icon causes the image to be opened by PaintShop Pro! So the association is definitely correct.

    Can anyone tell me how to avoid this aberrant behaviour? The program's Help suggests that this little viewer is meant to be associated only with My Pictures folder. However, it even gets in the way when I am viewing photos on a Memory Stick which Explorer assumes to be a removeable drive.

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    Re: Windows Picture and Fax Viewer (any)

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