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    importing docs n2 access (access 2000)

    i have several addresses & names n word 2000 that i need 2 get n2 an existing table n access 2000. is there an easier way than just 2 copy/paste. if i do copy/paste can anyone recommend a format 2 use?

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    Re: importing docs n2 access (access 2000)

    You can import data from Word, provided there delimiters in word (something to indicate the end of one field and the start of the next, end of one record start of next). A table with each record on one line, each field in a cell would do, or just a delimit character like a comma would do.

    Is your word data in such a format? could you put it into a format like that?

    If so, you then use File...Get External Data... Import to bring it into Access. You can either add it to an existing table or create a new one. I think it is safer to create a new table, then if all seems OK, use an append query to move it to the table you want it in.

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