The messages from one of my mail lists are disappearing instead of going to the 'deleted items' folder.

Details: I have a rule to move messages from TMG to my TMG folder. The list is very busy and even though I take the digest version, there are a lot of messages daily. When I delete the messages after reading, they disappear instead of going to the 'deleted items' folder. I have checked and rechecked the rule -- no surprises there, just move the messages when received. Also checked the properties of the TMG folder -- I don't even archive this folder, since I'm so often behind reading messages and they tend to pile up.

The weird thing is, to my knowledge none of my other messages do this. This isn't an urgent problem now, as these particular messages are archived on the web, but I don't like unexplained occurrences! Occasionally, I do refer to and/or retrieve deleted items, and I worry about this happening to other messages.

Any ideas would be welcome. <img src=/S/scratch.gif border=0 alt=scratch width=25 height=29>