Here's the situation. I have two computers: a desktop and a laptop. The
desktop has recently been upgraded from Win2k to XP. Under Win2K I was
using the Kodak Camera Connection Software. The laptop has never had
Kodak's software installed.

If I plug my camera into the laptop the camera is recognized as new hardware
and the native XP Generic Digital Camera pops up, the camera is visible in
Scanners and Cameras Wizard, and it is displayed under Imaging Devices in
System Properties Device Manager.

I have the latest XP software from Kodak on the desktop. When I plug in the
camera it is seen and assigned (after a Windows explorer message that J:
doesn't exist) to drive J:. The explorer window does not pop up as it did
in Win2k. The camera is NOT in SCWizard. And in System Properties Device
Manager it is not under Imaging Devices, but under a new heading/category
"Kodak Camera."

I want to use the XP native driver. Problem is nothing I do seems to get
rid of the Kodak presence. Even when I Upgrade the drive in System
Properites -- and see the drivers installed just as on the laptop -- the
device has an error saying "a previous driver is in memory."

I've turned off System Restore, I've manually deleted all Kodak driver files
after using Add/Remove. I've ensured that the only drivers associated with
the device are usbscan.sys, ptpusd.dll and ptpusb.dll -- and still the
system says there's a previous driver.

Has anyone gone FROM Kodak's drivers to XP's native drivers?