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    Hard Drive Mapping (Windows XP Home)

    When I was installing my Windows XP Home, I think I accidently deleted all of my data from my drive. A friend told me that there was a program that can be installed that can "map out" my hard drive, which can also show how much "free space" is on the drive. I'd like to find out the name and link for this program. Any suggestions? Thank you!

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    Re: Hard Drive Mapping (Windows XP Home)

    Tell us, where does your machine stand right now? Did you succeed in getting XP installed or is the drive (you think) corrupted?

    I'm not sure what you mean by "map out" the drive. If, for example, you have a DOS bootable disk you can boot the computer with it and see what the condition of the drive is. There are also data recovery programs around that will ATTEMPT to recover deleted files from a disk. Unfortunately, most of those programs might have problems with recovery if other "stuff" has been written to the drive. A program I use periodically is called Recover4All but it's not a freebie, unfortunately. I'm sure other Lounge'ers will know of others.

    Give us a little more scoop to go on, OK?

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