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    Calculations from multiple tables (Word2000)

    From checking a previous post I was able to calculate totals in a table, however I am having problems with a oneline table. This table(Table4) has 5 columns and one row. In the 3rd column I have =SUM(Table2c2:c15)+SUM(Table3c2:c5) which currently returns a result of 42. In the 4th column I have /85. In the 5th column I would like to get the result of column 3 (42) and have it divided by 85 to give a percentage (49.41%). I've tried C3/85*10000 but it doesn't accept the C3. It says there is no C3 in the table. I tried adding a second row to the table but it still rejects C3. Trying to repeat the formula from that cell then divide it by 85 and get a percentage keeps giving a syntax error as well. Does anyone have any suggestions as to what I may be doing wrong? Thanks.

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    Re: Calculations from multiple tables (Word2000)

    The cell in the first row/third column is C1, not C3. So try the formula { =C1/85*100 } (don't type the { and } yourself; either use Table/Formula or Insert/Field).

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