Originally I setup xp for one user, now I need to share. The new user I gave it Admin priviledge until I get everything the way I want it and then will reduce the privilege. The first two things I haven't been able to resolve are 1) in the new user account IE6 dosen't run as smooth and if you go to hotmail after you login you can't do anything the mouse works but nothing active on screen. So I switched to guest account and the same thing. If I switch to my original account everything works fine. 2)The second thing in the new account is when I switch to it the Num lock doesn't come on automatically, same in guest account but works fine in my account.

I tried reinstalling IE6 but I have a newer version running and the installer won't go any further as soon as it sees it.

any suggestions? or should I consider a fresh install with more than one user from the start!