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    Linking vs. Embedding Picturres

    We type thousands of documents annually currently using a template which includes 2 picture files. These pictures add 50K or so to the size of each document. I've been trying to use the linking feature in word so that I could maintain just one copy of the logos in a shared network folder that everyone throughout my enterprise has network permission to access. The idea is to be able to type and share documents across the entire network and so long as the Client PC has access to the picture folder, the logos would show up in the Letterhead on the screen or when printed. Any ideas?

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    Re: Linking vs. Embedding Picturres

    I generally attempt to avoid linking for two reasons: first, if the document ever leaves your network, problems result from having an invalid link in documents with linked pictures; second, if you ever move or rename the picture files, you get the same problem.

    50k isn't a lot of extra memory to work with, considering the cheap cost of hard disk space these days...


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    Re: Linking vs. Embedding Picturres

    The other side of that coin is if you change the Logo or Letterhead you just have to replace one graphic file and all your documents are updated, including templates I presume.

    1000 files (not a great deal) @ 50k = 50mb.

    There is no right or wrong answer I suppose.



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    Re: Linking vs. Embedding Picturres

    Not only is it a problem if it leaves ythe network- it could also be a problem on a part of the network which is configured differently. We've had problems with dial-ins for that reason, so now we embed everything.

    One thing we did do though was to convert bmp files from our old system to gif or jpg; even when converted, they can be reduced by decreasing colour depth and size (they can be resized on the document).

    The only files we use in documents which are over 20K are full page pictures. The average is 10K.

    But then, this all happened 3 years ago when space was much more important.
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