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    format problems importing Excel to Outlook

    I am very new at this so please bear with me. I have a "database" in Excel and want to import into Outlook. Everything imports fine except the formatting of the phone numbers and the zipcodes. I have tried changing the cell format in Excel from special zip and special phone to text, number, and general. In all instances the phone numbers look similar to this: 13621483.000.[img]/w3timages/icons/yikes.gif[/img] If anyone could tell me how to correct this problem or what it is that I'm doing wrong I would be greatful.

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    Re: format problems importing Excel to Outlook

    Have you tried editing the table in design mode ?
    From this, you can set the format to apply to all entries in each field of the table. There are some formats that ship with Access (no where near as many as Excel though) but others can be created. there is a seperate option to control decimal places - presumably you want zero.

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    Re: format problems importing Excel to Outlook

    Oops! I should have posted this on the Outlook forum! I'm importing from Excel to Outlook. I'll try again there. Thanks for you help, fatherjack.

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