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    Anchor Symbol (OXP-SP1; WinME)

    My wife is learning the Office suite and has become quite proficient because she questions and wants to know the cause for everthing. She sent me a document that has a header and immediately below it in the far left margin is a pictorial anchor. It appears only when the paragraph and tabs indicator is turned on. The anchor does not print and when it's clicked (but not deleted) it disappears but reappears after saving and reopening the document. I've been a Word user since the first version and I've never seen this before nor have I ever seen it referenced in print.

    Does anyone know what this is? I'm guessing that it's a formatting indicator of some kind.


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    Re: Anchor Symbol (OXP-SP1; WinME)

    The anchor symbol indicates what paragraph mark your floating graphic or text box is "anchored" to.
    If you make a graphic or text box "float over text", it anchors itself to a paragraph of the document. You can attach the graphic to another paragraph if you click and drag the anchor to another paragraph. If you add something else to the document and the paragraph moves down a few lines on the page, the graphic or text box should follow that paragraph mark.
    I know I'm not explaining this as well as I should be, or as well as others could, but that's more or less what it is... you can perform a search here in the Word forum for the word anchor and you'll get quite a few threads about them.
    Hope that helps.
    have fun

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