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    Word loads on boot (XP/XP)

    Word loads in the background on booting, and wants to recover an error and dial home. It isn't in the startup group, and I have applied the Q317277 patch. Can anyone suggest what to look for?

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    Re: Word loads on boot (XP/XP)

    Well, I don't have XP on my PC, but let me offer a suggestion or two anyway.
    Perhaps Word is coming back because it is still, in some way, active when you shut the computer down. Before you shut down, can you look at the Task Manager to see if Word, or anything that could cause Word to be called, is listed.
    Does the error recovery that you mentioned have anything to do with Outlook and is Word your chosen editor for Outlook? Maybe this is just part of the error reporting process.
    Good luck. ...J.Till

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