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    Envelope Dilemma, Part 1 (Word 97SR2)

    The code below will produce the dialog below when the .show method executes:

    Set dlg = Dialogs(wdDialogToolsEnvelopesAndLabels)
    With dlg
    .DefaultTab = wdDialogToolsEnvelopesAndLabelsTabEnvelopes
    .EnvOmitReturn = True
    If aAddress = "Extract" Then
    Call BookMarkAdd("EnvelopeAddress") 'Something about .extractadress grabbing a bookmark named as such???
    .ExtractAddress = True
    .AddrText = aAddress
    End If
    End With

    I want to replace this wimpy Word dialog with the form displayed in Envelope Dilemma, Part 2. Please read on as soon as I've posted....
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