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    Database connection using ADO (2000)

    I have a document from Microsoft regarding connecting databases using ASP and ODBC connections.

    It also contains a section relating to manage dataabse connections using ADO, which purports not to need to manage connections through the ODBC control panel, it all being done through Front Page.

    I have followed the instructions. Put my database in the _private folder, Tools Menu, web settings, database tab, add, in the new database connection dialog box typed [name for database], select file or folder in current web, select Browse.

    Then next step tells me to navigate to the files folder of my web and select the database.

    This is where I run into a problem - there is nothing there (though I know it is in the folder). I am working in Frontpage with my server based web. And the web has worked happily on ODBC registered databases.

    I tried to create a new web and imported a database. I then followed the above instructions and had exactly the same problem?

    What am I doing wrong? Can anybody help please. Not having to go cap in hand to get the database recognised by ODBC on the server would be so marvellous!!



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    Re: Database connection using ADO (2000)

    I'm not sure about using a _private folder; this could be the problem.

    You will find more (possibly useful) threads searching ASP and ADO on the HTML board, too.

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