Computer non-branded
RAM: 128 MHz
CPU: Intel P-111 500 MHz
I was running Windows Me. I had a problem with Word 2000 (Office 2000
Professional SR-1).
Product ID:50627-756-5383916-02663

Under Border & Shading Command when I click down arrow button of Art
Menu(Style) then vague lines appear instead of samples of the design. On
clicking these vague lines at different points in the art menu box I can see
different designs in the Perview Box. Why there are vague lines instead of
designs. There should be designs to help in selection of the design
according to his/her choice.

One my friend has the same problem. He says:
This has happened to me, too! It looked almost like the designs are
scratched out with black marker. It is like that for weeks. I don't know
what happened, or what I do."

I then formatted my drive and installed Windows 98 SE and installed Office
2000 SR-1. The problem explained above is still there.

Product ID:50627-756-5383916-02625

I have registered the product with Microsoft and confirmation is C6JT 7TXF.

Please help