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    Pop-up form from search (2002)

    I am sure this is a simple issue I am just not having luck getting the answer. I have a table that includes all of our companies storage boxes. Each box is identified with its own storage number. Problem is we have Account information in several boxes in storage. What I want is to be able to enter into my DB the Account number and a pop-up form list the boxes they are in. If anyone could point in the right direction I would be very appreciative.


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    Re: Pop-up form from search (2002)

    Essentially you have a many-to-many relationship between Accounts and boxes; that is one account may have info in many boxes, and 1 box may have info from many accounts. What you need is what we call a "resolver" table. This table merely has to contain 2 fields AccountID and BoxID. A subform on your Account form will then show which boxes the account is in. A subform on your Box form will show what Accounts are in the box.
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