Since the previous thread got so long..... I just wanted to come back and say how much I really like Mailwasher. It has been performing mah-vel-ously (as Billy would say) for me. I have not had the misfortune that MerC said he had with my "bounces" getting bounced. My Blacklist is getting kinda long and I really appreciate the spam it seems to be short-stopping for me. In one example, on three separate days I received spam from the same domain, but with different email names. After blacklisting each one, I changed my blacklist to a wildcard in the name field and haven't had a problem since then. Great program and the author DESERVES his little requested "donation."

As for the two-step mail checking concern, most of the time I use the "preview" command and don't even bother collecting the mail from my ISP until later in the day. Works great for me!