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    Peer to Peer Win2k access...


    I want to share a folder between 2 PCs.
    PC1 has a username & password on the NTServer on the LAN.
    PC2 does not, but can still see the LAN and be accessed (we use it for file-storage).
    PC2 has a local login username+password.

    I want to access a folder on PC1 from PC2.
    When accessing from PC2, I get the message "Guest account has been disabled"

    When I goto Control Panel's Users & Passwords on PC1 to try to introduce PC2 as a user, it just tells me that it cannot find PC2.

    I need some advice also on the "Add New User" dialogue box.
    Ok, I understand the username field is filled as: computernameusername
    and this will be the PC's NetBios Name & the local user who logs in.

    But what about the domain name? Since this PC can see the LAN but is not a registered user on NTServer? When I click the Browse button, it just gives me a list of the registered users on the Win2kServer in that domain.

    How can I solve this?!
    What are the tweaks I need to do on both ends to make this sharing work?


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