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    Lost access to word file (XP home edition)

    I was using word 2000 under win XP home edition when the power was cut to my entire appartment block. When the power came back on, I tried to open the word document I had been working on at the time and I couldn't. I tried to open it and got a message saying to check the file property settings (all normal) and also to try opening it using th file/open dialogue. No success with either of these approaches. I also tried importing it, same result. I also tried importing it into Star Office and other apps (wordpad etc.) all with the same result. Is there any way I can regain access to this file?

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    Re: Lost access to word file (XP home edition)

    If there is a file name that begins with ~$ in the directory where the document originally resided - try deleting that file - please note that any and all changes you made will be lost when you do this - but from looking at your post - you just want to be able to access the file again.
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