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    time/date on activities (Outlook 2000)

    Help. When I look at the Activities of a particular contact, the activities are there. However, there is no indication of the time or day. Furthermore, there is no way to sort them. Why not? Is there any way to do this?

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    Re: time/date on activities (Outlook 2000)

    Hi, with the activites window open, click on View, then Customise current View, the Fields. Add say the Sent and Received fields to the current view and the dtes will be displayed. By default my outlook has a column called created, which shows he date of say the email. Once added, you can further define the column format using View, format columns, one of the options here is time.
    To sort by subject for instance, in the activities window, click on the column head bar, this will sort ascending, click on the column header agian and it will sort descending.
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