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    UNion Query or NOT?? (Access 97)

    I need some help. I have a database that contains records about some telephone training. The user has an entire month to complete the training and can have several entries. I download this information and generate an autokey. I have created a query and found about 400 duplicates. Is there a way to combine the records. For example, joe calls and logs in 5 questions, the next time he calls , he logs in 4 questions and finally by the end of the month - he logs in the last 11 questions. He has a total of 20. I want to take the table and put all of Joe's records together.

    Is this possible? Would I generate a union query? Most be complete the project in 2 calls.

    Any suggestions would be great!!


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    Re: UNion Query or NOT?? (Access 97)

    I don't know what purpose a Union query would serve here. It seems to me that the best approach is to maintain a table that contains each each logged session. So in the example you showed, Joe would have 3 records (I assume each session has the # of questions he logs, or is each question listed separately?). Then use a totals query to sum all of Joe's sessions.
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