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    Stacked Column Chart? (Excel 2000 - SR1)

    I have data that looks like so:

    <pre>Type Sub-Type Count
    A red 3
    A orange 8
    A yellow 10
    A blue 4
    A green 1
    B apples 2
    B oranges 4
    B grapes 9
    B pineapple 7
    B pears 12

    I'd like to make this a stacked column graph with the Sub-Types being shown in a legend. Can it be done? If so, how? The Stacked Column graphing help is ... not good, and my reference work (from QUE) is no help either.

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    Re: Stacked Column Chart? (Excel 2000 - SR1)

    Best is to change the layout of your data slightly so the fruit is in a different column from the colours:
    <pre>Sub-Type Count
    red 3
    orange 8
    yellow 10
    blue 4
    green 1
    apples 2
    oranges 4
    grapes 9
    pineapple 7
    pears 12

    Then select all three columns and all rows and base you chart on that data, make sure you select the data is in rows, rather that in columns when you choose a stacked chart type.
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