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    Close Access After Mail Merge (Word & Access 97)

    I have a macro that runs an email mail merge using an Access query as a datasource. It opens new instances of Access each time it is run. Is there a way to close each instance of Access when it is finished?

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    Re: Close Access After Mail Merge (Word & Access 97)

    What is the code you are using to open Access? For example:

    Set appAccess = CreateObject(ClassName)

    If so, you can probably do something like

    Set appAccess = Nothing

    Does this help?

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    Re: Close Access After Mail Merge (Word & Access 97)

    Microsoft had a Knowledge Base article on this, but it's not available at the moment. It's a known problem.

    The standard method for getting data from Access is DDE. If the Access database has a title set in Tools/Startup..., DDE will start a new instance of Access.

    So one way to avoid multiple instances is to clear the database title.

    Another way is to use ODBC instead of DDE.

    If you specify the data source manually: make sure you check the box labeled Select Method in the "Open" dialog. Select the Access database and click Open. Select ... via ODBC and click OK.

    If you specify the data source in code, use something like

    With ActiveDocument.MailMerge
    .OpenDataSource _
    Name:="", _
    LinkToSource:=True, _
    ReadOnly:=True, _
    Connection:="DSN=MS Access database;DBQ=C:AccessDatabaseName.mdb", _
    SQLStatement:="SELECT * FROM qryQueryName"
    End With

    Note that the Name argument to OpenDataSource is empty.
    DSN= must be followed by the name of an ODBC data source for Access. Look it up in the ODBC Data Sources control panel. Create a new one if necessary.
    DBQ= must be followed by the path + name of the Access database.

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