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    Win2k pro v slow to boot after server change from

    The server in our small LAN has recently been changed over to Win2k
    Advanced Server from NT4. Now all the win98 clients take the same
    time to boot as before, but clients running win2k pro boot very slowly
    - about 8 minutes from a previous 3 or 4. The delays occur whilst the
    screens read "Applying computer settings", "Loading your personal settings" and "Applying personal
    settings", ie both before and after the logon, and before the logon
    script runs. I don't know enough about win2k boot sequence to know
    what's happening here. The configuration of the network has
    apparently not changed since the server software changed.

    Why are win2k clients being affected in this way, and not 98? What
    can be done to resolve this?


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    Re: Win2k pro v slow to boot after server change from

    There is stuff in MSDN on this - frustratingly I cannot find it. As far as I can remember, it may be due to the clients having trouble contacting the domain controller. Have a look at the client and server event logs.

    Sorry to be so vague, but I hope it gives you a start!

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