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    Lost most desktop icons (XP Pro)

    I suspect that one of my kids has encountered the irritating program/wizard which pops up every now and then insisting that I clean up my desktop (when it is not even dirty :-) and has clicked on "Yes", because most of them have now disappeared! How on earth do I get them back?? I looked in the wastebasket but I have a Norton Protected wastebasket and I can't see the desktop items in the list of files I can get back. If I try exploring the wastebasket instead I see what looks like a display of everything on the computer (Desktop at the top of hierarchy) and in the desktop all the things I want, e.g. My Computer, My Network Places are still there. However if I right-click on them there is no "undelete" option, and if I right-mouse drag them to the desktop there is no "move" option only "create shortcut". Why would I want to create a shortcut to something in my wastebasket, I ask you?
    Does anyone know how to get around this infuriating Microsoft nonsense, please? Oh, and and how to disable the "desktop cleanup" irritation? This really is idiotware of the highest order, and whoever authorised its release as a default option should be sacked!
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